The S20+ combines proven S20 features with new smart optimized solutions in design, equipment and accessories.


The equipment carries more than 60 years of high-quality milling cutter grinding machine professional design and manufacturing technology and innovation. The intensive development of the S20+ focused on the decisive advantages of versatility, precision and productivity. These features help secure a key competitive advantage for S2+ users, something Michael Dekui knows very well.

The S20+ versatility benefits from a wide range of optional controls and software. The S20turbo+ and the S20NUM+ represent two optional controls and software packages.


Vertical = ideal structural state

The vertical design of the machine offers the user decisive advantages: the machine is compact and robust, and contributes to the optimal movement of the individual axes.

In addition, the radial runout of the vertically arranged tools is small, and the user-friendliness is high, ensuring precision and easy operation.


Clever design, well thought out

The direct drive grinding spindle and an integrated six-station wheel changer are designed and automated solutions based on chain loading systems or robot elements with modern control systems and efficient software for demanding milling cutters Ideal for profitable and efficient manufacturing and regrinding.


Micro Tool Precision Kit

In addition to a wide range of intelligent accessories, special high-precision grinding options for small tools are now also available. The S20+ opens up new avenues for the production of the smallest milling cutters thanks to the scale used in the linear axis, the defined spindle stop, the hydraulic chuck, the runout suppressor and the fixing bracket

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