Linstools is an enterprise specializing in the production of high-precision CNC milling cutters. Its products are of high quality and exquisite manufacturing technology, and are deeply trusted and praised by customers.

In terms of research and development, Linstools has a technical team composed of a number of senior engineers. They actively apply new technologies and materials, combined with actual application scenarios, and continuously develop high-quality CNC milling cutters suitable for various processing requirements. In the research and development process, Linstools attaches great importance to research and solving practical problems of customers, and focuses on enhancing the added value and innovation of products.

Linstools adopts international leading production equipment and technology, and each production process has undergone strict quality inspection and control to ensure the high quality and precision of each product.

During the production of CNC milling cutters, Linstools mainly uses the following equipment:

  1. CNC machining center: CNC machining center is the core equipment in the production process of CNC milling cutters. It is used to process various parts of the cutter to ensure the accuracy and consistency of each cutter.
  2. CNC grinding machine: CNC grinding machine is used for fine grinding and dressing of knives to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the knives.
  3. Coating equipment: Coating equipment is used to coat the cutting tool to improve the hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the cutting tool.
  4. Heat treatment equipment: Heat treatment equipment is used for quenching and tempering of knives to improve the wear resistance and toughness of knives. 

    In the production process, Linstools also uses a variety of quality testing equipment to ensure the quality and precision of products:

    1. Three-coordinate measuring instrument: Three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument is used for three-dimensional precision inspection of tools, including measurement of size, angle, curvature, etc.
    2. Optical projector: The optical projector is used to detect and measure the surface quality and shape of the tool.
    3. Hardness tester: The hardness tester is used to measure the hardness of the tool to ensure the wear resistance and life of the tool.
    4. Metallographic microscope: Metallographic microscope is used to detect and analyze the metallographic structure of the tool to evaluate the performance and quality of the tool.The above production equipment and quality inspection equipment are important links in the production process of Linstools. Through refined production technology and quality control, each product is guaranteed to have the characteristics of high quality and high precision, and is highly recognized and praised by customers.

      In terms of sales, Linstools has a high-quality sales team who focus on customer needs, provide personalized products and solutions, and provide customers with high-quality pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. In terms of customer service, the company provides fast response, thoughtful and meticulous, all-round services to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

      In addition, Linstools also pays attention to personnel training and technological innovation, provides employees with a good working environment and development opportunities, encourages employees to continuously learn and innovate, and injects new vitality into company development and customer service.

      In general, Linstools pays attention to product quality and customer needs in the whole process of research and development, production and sales of CNC milling cutters. Based on technological innovation and service quality, Linstools continuously improves product added value and customer satisfaction, and has become a leading one of the enterprises.

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