The GrindSmart®628XS is a 6-axis simultaneous precision tool grinder for the production of circular or non-circular cutting tools with diameters ranging from Ø0.1mm (.004″) to 16mm (5/8″). The machine includes Automatic loading and unloading device, precision clamping system and innovative handle and head support system.


This is a multifunctional 6-axis linkage tool grinder, which is the best model for unmanned automatic mass processing and production of tools. This model can process metal cutting tools, composite tools and woodworking tools, blades, medical equipment tools, polycrystalline CBN and other tools. The machine tool adopts the world-renowned FanuciPanel160iMB control system. Rollomatic’s VirtualGrind and VirtualGrind® Pro desktop tool design software provide 3D simulation of tools and machine tooling.

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