our position:13-G45   Date: March 29-April 1

ITES Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (abbreviation: ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition) is one of the super-large industrial exhibitions in China. an important platform.


The 2023 ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition will be held on March 29. At that time, it will comprehensively display the latest developments in high-end equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, professional automation equipment and technology.


In this exhibition, LINS TOOLS will continue to focus on technological innovation, and exhibit with its star products, so as to gain insight into the new trend of smart manufacturing with you, so stay tuned!

Debut products


Custom Tungsten Carbide Milling Cutters

Cutting tools of various shapes can be customized according to the drawings, workpieces of various sizes, various special-shaped cutting tools can be customized, and high-precision custom milling cutters can be customized for customers


Coated cutting tools


Coated cutting tools have become a symbol of modern cutting tools, and the proportion of use in cutting tools has exceeded 50%. Various cutting tools used in cutting, including turning tools, boring tools, drills, reamers, broaches, taps, thread combs, rolling heads, milling cutters, forming tools, gear hobs and gear shaper cutters, etc. Coating technology is used to improve their performance.

Aluminum alloy milling cutter, industrial product.


■ Ultrafine grain cemented carbide substrate

■ 40° helix angle, 2 or 3 flutes

■ The unique sharp cutting edge design makes the cutting process more brisk and smooth, improving the processing efficiency and surface quality of the workpiece.

■ Suitable for milling aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals

We interpret excellence with professionalism, and strive to show you cutting tool solutions on site to help the development of the manufacturing industry.




Here, we sincerely invite all old and new friends to come to the exhibition for guidance. We will see you soon.

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